2020 District Solo & Ensemble:


  1. Abby Cook "Sonata in F Major" by Marcello
  2. Mandy Eastwood, "Winter Spirits" by Hoover
  3. Hannah Fink, "Menuet" JS Bach
  4. Gwendolyn Gonzalez, "Carnival of Venice" by Briccialdi
  5. Laurel Guzman, "Concertino" by Chaminade
  6. Alice Prytkova, "Pan Pastorale" by Don Jon
  7. Sofia Rodriguez, "Menuett Paysanne" by Mozart
  8. Emily Thorsen, "Madrigal" by Gaubert


  1. Lauren Barthel, "Andante Cantabile" by JC Bach
  2. Grace Cornell, "Serenade" Op.35 by Hanson
  3. Mihir Kumar, "Fantasy" by Gaubert
  4. Aiden Salter, "Allegretto" by Godard

2020 All-State Band:

Alice Prytkova, flute; Concert Band (Grades 7-8)

2019 District Solo & Ensemble:


1) Elissa Bishop, "Fantasie" by Lewalla

2) Elissa Bishop, "Minuet" by Telemann (Chamber Quartet)

3) Cody Bush, "Danse of Elizabeth" by Hurrell

4) Abby Cook, "Offenbach's Ballet" by Steensland

5) Mandy Eastwood, "Sonata" by Poulenc

6) Mihir Kumar, "Sonata in F Maj" by Marcello

7) Alice Prytkova, "Tambourin" by Gluck 

8) Sofia Rodriguez, "Sonatina" by Beethoven

9) Emily Shende, "Gavotte" by Bach

10) Rebecca Stephenson, "Syrinx" by Debussy

11) Emily Thorsen, "Sicilienne" by Faure


1) Grace Cornell, "Suite Modale" by Bloch

2) Gwendolyn Gonzalez, "Concertino" by Chaminade



1) Rory Karasulu
2) Mandy Eastwood


1) Katelyn Podkulski 

2018 District Solo & Ensemble:

1) Rory Karasulu, "Andante and Scherzo" by Ganne
2) Alice Prytkov, "Menuet" by Beethoven
3) Katelyn Podkulski, "Suite Modale" by Bloch
4) Grace Cornell, "Sonata V in F Major" by Handel
5) Mihir Kumar, "Fantasie" by Lewalla
6) Abby Cook, "Cantilena" by Handel
7) Mandy Eastwood, "Sonata" by Hindemith

1) Faith Reese, "Sonata III" by Handel
2) Natalie King, "Suite Modale" by Bloch
3) Lauren Barthel, "Andante Espressivo" by Mendelssohn
4) Gwendolyn Gonzalez, "Andante et Scherzo" by Ganne 

2018 All-State Band:
-Rory Karasulu, flute; Concert Band (grades 9-10)

1) Mandy Eastwood, "Nocturne" by Barrere

1) Alli Heyler, "Concertino" by Chaminade
2) Faith Reese, "Carnival of Venice" by Briccialdi

2017 District Solo & Ensemble:
1) Katelyn Podkulski, "Tambourin" by Gossec
2) Faith Reese, "Carnival of Venice" by Briccialdi
3) Lauren Villanova, "Menuet" by Beethoven
4) Grace Cornell, "Villanella" by Koepke
5) Alli Heyler, "Concertino" by Chaminade
6) Mandy Eastwood, "Nocturne" by Barrere
7) Natalie King, "Sicilienne" by Gaubert
8) Gwen Gonzalez, "Madrigal" by Gaubert

1) Lauren Barthel, "Silver Sails" by Buchtel
2) Carolyn Platt, "Menuets" by Bach and Schubert

2017 All-State Band:
 - Mandy Eastwood, flute; Symphony Orchestra (grades 9-10)

♪Virtual lessons are still in practice, however,  In-Person lessons are available.

All students are required to wear a face mask upon entry and exit. Piano students are required to wear a face mask during their lesson. Flutists will be using the Win-D-Fender tool to help inhibit the potential transmission of Covid-19. Check out this video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT4qEJ57AFY

Flutists will also utilize a flute sock on the foot of the flute for the same purposes.


Additional precautions include sanitizing high touch surfaces (alcohol and a UVC light) and using a HEPA air filtration system in studio with a 240 CADR rating.

♪ All-State Auditions September 27-28♪

Flutists must register through their band director by 9/18/2020

Auditions will be virtual this year via the HeartOut App.♥

♫ Grades 7-8: Rubank Advanced Method Volume 1

♫ Grades 9-10: Rubank Advanced Method Volume 2

♫ Grades 11-12: Melodious and Progressive Studies Book 1 (arr. Cavally)

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